Thursday, July 21, 2011

"lunch cosmetic" swept south korea - China right hand drive trucks - forklift accessories Manufactu

               Korea's surgery treatment possesses its own unique, especially recently, Mexico started to turn up "lunch appearance" on the act as long like a meal, cosmetic surgery within the well.
               Plastic quick lunch A beauty shop in Seoul, the 29-year-old Li Xiaoci is progressing double eyelid surgery, from dinner to figure, surgery to the well. Finish the operation, Li Xiaoci immediately return the company to visit to work. "Lunch will not be the perfect time to lose a little bit cosmetic surgery, and cheap, I spent greater than 700 U.S. dollars. This cosmetic way too convenient." Li Xiaoci said with satisfaction.
               In Korea, every lunch break, nearly everyone is sitting in a great deal of beauty in people who go to a surgical procedure, most are companies White-collar . A beauty parlour staff, told reporters: "This occassion of surgery treatment, are normally folks that need to change America book very full."
               Surgical treatment as simple and fast lunch, and from now on here especially to South Korea to undertake an identical operation progressively more Asian women. They can be through which The philipines Travel Or travel opportunities, how you can perform surgery treatment. A plastic Hospital Surgery publicity head, told reporters: "We are here on a monthly basis from thirty to forty foreign women to get surgery treatment, lunch, they originated from China, China Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore and also other countries and regions also."
               Use lunchtime for just a relatively simple double eyelid surgery, cosmetic surgery, could be the Korean unique "quick" product of culture. An Jianrong is actually a beauty in Seoul hospital president, he told reporters: "Since this procedure only within the nose, face and lips and various areas of injecting a needle or moving a minor operation, people can face a different look, and time is short, which means this means of popular cosmetic people welcomed. "
               Plastic lunch variety Based on report, present a variety of cosmetic salons Korea's "lunch facelift," many different types, including something called the "zigzag line suspension rhytidectomy." A beauty salon doctor told reporters, "This rhytidectomy were usually between 30 to 45-year-old female friends of every age group. Their work Life Are busy, just started to wrinkle with no enough time to perform long-term care. The emergence of this technology serves their demands exactly. "
               A doctor told reporters which the traditional rhytidectomy is sometimes puzzled, some focus only on results, surgical treatments are cumbersome and complex, and even side effects. The jagged distinct suspension rhytidectomy with trauma, no blood, only partial Anesthesia Advantages, and also simple Security Enough time is short, if customers are not fullfilled then this may also restore. "This operation usually maintained approximately five to ten years." Your physician said.
               In line with report, cosmetic items have lunch inside body over the injection of collagen, in order to achieve a rhinoplasty, face Feng purpose of "filling cosmetic" etc.
               Now, South Korea's beauty marketplace is fiercely competitive. It's reported that only cosmetic surgeon in Seoul, within several years the phone number has grown by 45%, reaching 1,300. This ended in fierce competition from South Korean cosmetic industry, cosmetic industry, producing Korea's "high-value strategy" does not work. Certainly, the general cosmetic surgery costs a million -500 million won (about RMB 8000-4 million), but this prices are only Japan, the nation, half, or maybe 1 / 10. The lunch price is more pricey plastic cosmetic surgery, commonly are not to at least one million won.

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