Monday, September 12, 2011

Korean Double Eyelid Surgery Video

               Korean celebrity plastic surgery rates are making headlines throughout Asia and around the globe. It seems as through every Korean woman who has risen to fame has gone under the knife for one of any number of procedures, from breast implantation to eyelid surgery. The popularity of celebrity cosmetic procedures has left many to wonder what is at the root of this trend. Some attribute the rise to the number of highly skilled surgeons in Korea. Others wonder if it is the expanding exposure to other cultures and standards of beauty. Many, however, think that this is no more common in Korea just more widely reported.


Double Eyelid Surgery

               One of the procedures most commonly undergone by celebrities in Korea is the double eyelid surgery. This is a surgery in which a small incision is made to create a crease in the eyelid, giving it more definition. It is a minimally invasive surgery that has been common for many years among men and women of all ages. After the surgery, the eyes may appear larger and the patient, younger. More celebrities in Korea have undergone this procedure than can be named.

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