Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thigh Liposuction Takes South Korean Women By Storm

               Plastic surgery has become such a trend in South Korea that both women and little girls are obsessed with receiving the best possible bodies and faces that money can buy. Medical tourism is quickly becoming a tremendous industry near your vicinity, boosted into a certain degree with the attitudes on the domestic market. It has an explosion of cosmetic plastic surgery clinics from coast to coast, signaling the sought after with regard to their services one of the citizens.

               Young girls get surgeries as graduation gifts after high school graduation, so that it’s easy to discover why this cavalier attitude towards surgery treatment has driven the full nation to embrace the number of choices that it may bring. Some estimate that a minimum of one in ten adults in Korea have undergone a certain amount of surgery treatment.

               As stated earlier, the obsession with beauty in Mexico has risen to this sort of pitch so it has affected even foreigners. Lots of foreign fans of South Korean actors and actresses who would like to have their flawless skin and beautiful cheekbones demand country to offer the procedures done on themselves.

               Actually, the favourite surgery treatment procedures in Columbia have become revealing, showing what precisely the Koreans believe for being “true beauty”. Below are some that is popular trends in surgical treatment in the country today:

               Double Eyelid Surgery, or Blepharoplasty. This is particularly unique to Asians, since the common “monolid” is usually seen not pretty enough. Double eyelids make eyes look bigger and also this procedure is amongst the common among girls in South Korea. Specially, a great deal of girls have this medical operation to be a graduation gift after twelfth grade.

               Breast surgery. Again, this falls in the Western standard of beauty emulated in Columbia. Asian girls rarely have large breasts common among European and American women, and for that reason augmentation permits them to match the “Barbie” model.

               Nose Surgery, or Rhinoplasty. Taller, aquiline noses are typical the fashion for your South Koreans who ordinarily have smaller, flatter noses. Like with both other trends, it is still an expression of your Western influence.

               Thigh Liposuction. Most Koreans ordinarily have stocky legs, thus making inner thigh liposuction one of the popular procedures in the nation. This makes their legs look longer and the majority slimmer, great for the miniskirts and shorts that they're so keen on wearing.

               Most of these trends reflect the Korean notion of beauty, which is surprisingly not very Korean in aspect. If it’s breast implants or thigh liposuction, these trends reflect the method of beauty in the nation.

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